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    The Work of Steve Traversi
    Abstract, Expressionism, Realism, Photography...


This is just a sample of some of my work. All are original pieces and are not to be copied,
reproduced, or otherwise used without the express consent of Steve Traversi.

abstract expressionism
El Jaleo Study
9"x12" Oil on Board
Untitled #14
36"x48" Oil on Canvas
Siena #2
48"x60" Acrylic on Canvas
Siena #1
18"x24" Acrylic on Canvas
6"x12" Oil on Panel
30"x40" Oil on Canvas
Portal #1
30"x40" Oil on Canvas
18"x24" Acrylic on Canvas
48"x60" Acrylic on Canvas
One Love
36"x48" Acrylic on Canvas
Chance of Rain
36"x48" (sold)
16"x40" Acrylic on Canvas
Janie Bear
24"x36" Oil on Canvas (Not for Sale)
16"x40" Acrylic on Canvas
30"x40" Acrylic on Canvas
Father Portrait
24"x36" Acrylic on Canvas (commission)
Untitled #11
36"x48" Acrylic on Canvas (sold)
30"x40" Acrylic on Canvas
24"x36" Acrylic on Canvas
La Bella Vita
8"x10" Oil on Canvas Board
Still Life
9"x12" Oil on Panel
24"x18" Acrylic on Canvas (sold)
Trilogy #1
18"x24" Acrylic on Canvas
Trilogy #2
18"x24" Acrylic on Canvas
Trilogy #3
18"x24" Acrylic on Canvas
Italia #1
09/2011 Print Available in Store
Duomo Glimmer
10/2016 Print Available in Store
Santa Croce Ironwork
10/2016 Print Available in Store
Oltrarno Tiles
10/2016 Print Available in Store
Florence Rose
10/2016 Print Available in Store
Florence Rain
10/2016 Print Available in Store


While my current work came from my own inspiration, I have designed book
covers, illustrations, and much more by commission

My particular styles may not always be the best fit for a project,
but I welcome inquiries so we may explore your ideas


Oil or Acrylic original pieces created to customer's concept, theme or inspiration

  • Commercial/Residential
  • Media Illustrations
  • Client-driven Color/Concept pieces

Digital Design/3D Illustration

With over 25 years experience in graphic design, branding, and collateral campaigns, I'm able to produce impactful business designs

  • Logo/Branding Designs
  • Business Illustrations
  • Media Designs/Animations

smt art store is open now


For as long as I remember, I have always been sketching something. You know that kid that always had to stay after school to wash desks after getting caught working on a masterpiece during fourth period. That was me.

By my late twenties, I was a digital graphic artist working with Silicon Valley technology companies and here is where my path got a little wonky. I took on some web design and development, found I had a gift for it, then programming, databases, and just fell into the IT hole. Eventually I would be an IT Director, then CEO. This made Dad proud and was good for the bank account, but I was desperately unhappy.

In 2001, with a little encouragment by my brother I started painting when the tech industry was in decline and I was able to really immerse myself in the medium. Over the next 20 years, painting would be the ultimate creative release, where I could immerse myself completely into the process.

Along the way, I would pickup photography but never really identified I might have a gift for it until 2011 when I lugged along a DSLR to Italy. The standard tourist photos I took were pretty bland, but when I looked at everything aound me with an artist's eye, my photography went to a new level. A return trip to Italy with better gear and the intent to capture art through the lens set me on a new path that I'm still excited to pursue today.

Today, I create abstract, abstract expressionist, and realism paintings in either acrylic or oils. My original pieces and prints will be available through my store, as well as an expanding set of photography prints offered currently.


El Jaleo Study

2024-02-29 17:13:10

Last year, I went to a John Singer Sargent exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. One room was dedicated to his amazing piece, El Jaleo. While the original was not present, the exhibit displayed an extensive number of studies, drawings, and references he used in preparation ...

New Lower Pricing on Prints

2023-12-02 11:16:51

I launched the smt art store in September of this year and three months later, I feel like I've learned a lot in the process. The impetus for starting it was a few things: 1) moving to market and sell ...

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hey, is the smt store open? it is!


Pieces are available for sale in the smt store or by contacting me directly.

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